High Stakes Poker Online

Join us as we find the best sites for high stakes poker online. We review different online poker sites so you can find the top rooms with the best bonuses, table limits, rakeback rates and game quality. Stay up to date with latest poker news and learn different betting strategies to help you win in the high stakes poker world.

  • Americas $2000 Poker Bonus
    • Best High Stakes Cash Games & Tournaments For US Players
    • $7,000,000 Venom Tournament
    • $2000 Poker Bonus
    • Cash Games Up To $100/$200
    • Sit & Go Up To $5000 Entry
    • MTT Up To $10,000 Entry
    • Accept 60+ Crypto Currencies
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  • Ignition $1000 Poker Bonus
    • Best Poker Site For Australia
    • NLHE Cash Games Up To $10/$20
    • FLHE Cash Games Up To $30/$60
    • $2,000,000+ In Weekly Tournaments
    • Jackpot Sit & Go's Up To 1,200x Prize
    • Casino Room For Extra Action
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  • Bovada $500 Poker Bonus
    • 100% Poker Bonus Up To $500
    • Cash Games Up To $30/$60 Level
    • $1,500,000 In Weekly Tournaments
    • Fast Zone Poker
    • Sit & Go Up To $250 Entry
    • MTT Up To $500 Entry
    • Anonymous Tables
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  • BetOnline $1000 Poker Bonus
    • $150,000+ Weekly Tournaments
    • $5/$10 Cash Games Action
    • Bad Beat Jackpot
    • Jackpot Sit & Go's
    • Casino, E-Sports, Racebook & Sportsbook For Extra Action
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  • Intertops $1000 Poker Bonus
    • 36% Rakeback, Paid Daily
    • 200% Up To $1000 Poker Bonus
    • No Limit Cash Games Up To $10/$20 Level
    • Fixed Limit Cash Games Up To $50/$100 Level
    • Two Online Casinos & Sportsbook From One Account
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Best High Stakes Poker Rooms

America’s Card Room

  • Enjoy high stakes cash games at ACR with blinds going up to $100 per hand
  • Sit & Go Tournaments up to $5,000 entry
  • MTT Tournaments up to $10,000 entry
  • 100% Up To $2000 Welcome Bonus
  • $1,000,000+ Tournaments

Play At ACR

BetOnline Poker

Play At BetOnline

Bovada Poker

  • Play high stakes cash games at Bovada with blinds up to $60 per hand
  • Sit & Go Tournaments up to $250 entry
  • MTT Tournaments up to $350 entry
  • $1000 Poker Welcome Bonus
  • Casino, Racebook & Sportsbook In One Account

Play At Bovada

Ignition Poker

  • Enjoy high stakes poker at Ignition with cash games blinds up to $60 per hand
  • Sit & Go Tournaments up to $250 entry
  • Tournaments up to $350 entry
  • $2000 Poker Welcome Bonus
  • Exciting Live Casino Room

Play At Ignition

Intertops Poker

  • 36% Daily Rake Back
  • NLHE Action @ $10/20 Level
  • Poker Games Up To $50/$100 Level
  • $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus Casino & Sportsbook

Play At Intertops

What Is High Stakes Poker?

Online poker is a hugely popular game played by millions of fans around the world. Most people play at relatively low stakes ($0.05 – $1 per big blind) however there are many out there that enjoy the thrill of more action and love playing poker for high stakes.

This can involve cash games with blinds going up to $100 per hand! Sit & Go and Tournament games can have entries of up to $10,000 with first prize in these events running into the millions. This high roller action is an awesome experience for players.

The high stakes games draw lots of action from people around the world looking to test their skills and win a massive payout. Some sites also offer high limit slots games and even live sports betting, ensuring non stop action for all players.

high roller poker cash games

Online Poker Tips

Take Notes

When your playing cash games and you spot a certain tell from an opponent, write a note of this for future reference. Chances are you might play them again, and any information you have can be used to make better decisions.

Avoid Distractions

While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked. When you sit down for a poker session, have your area clean & organized, put your favorite music on and focus entirely on the game. Your overall performance will be better than if you’re trying to chat to someone on Facebook at the same time.

Don’t Play Too Many Hands

It can be tempting to try and play as many hands as possible, but this isn’t a good long term strategy. You need to play a decent range so your opponents don’t fold any time you place a bet. It can be hard to find the right balance of tight & agressive, but it can work wonderfully when done.